Catch it

Watch Leas documentary Catch it. Its about finding simplicity and an appealing balance between nature and humanity in Lofoten Islands. Fishing, climbing and surfing... Lea reminds us that living simply is living fully.

NSG through the eyes of team Finland

Shred Talks presents: Daniel Thomson of Tomo Surfboards

win your own custom-made surfboard

win your own custom-made surfboard with BOS Ice Tea, Nordsurf & Nordic Surfers Mag!


Photo by Ivar Vasstveit
Photos and results from the first Nordic Surf Games in Jæren yesterday.


Photo by Lucas Günther
First german cold water surf movie

Movie Night Grand Teatret København

3 in a row. Presented by OH DAWN. 17th march 2015. Dont miss!

Health perceptions of Surfers

Help European Association Of Surfing Doctors who has developed an online survey on health interests and perceptions of surfers. The survey takes 5 minutes to fill in.

The Surfers Mind

We’ve been waiting too long to get that one in our webshop! We are now thrilled to present you The Surfer’s Mind by Richard Bennet. A MUST READ!