GoPro Mouth Mount

Skíð : Cloud Island

No surf but masterful short film shot at the Isle of Skye, Scotland, in June 2014 by Fourth Dimension.


Nordic Surfers Mag #20 Special Jæren in press shop october 28th but available now for pre order.

Edges of Sanity

Photo by Chris McClean
Edges of Sanity - A film by finisterreuk.com

Saltstein, friday 10 okt.

Photo by Jostein Nilsen
Seamus, Phil & Seb Kjellström.

Latte, Oskar & Jacob

Photo by Håkan Nyberg
på Torö förra veckan. Fotat av Håkan Nyberg.

North East

Photo by Mike Bromley & Adam Legere
“Best Emerging Filmmaker” at the San Diego Surf Film Festival this year.

Luckless Pedestrian

Really cool video with Alex Gray & Timmy Reyes by Turkeymelt.com

First winter swell in Jæren

Photo by Jaymin Rowlands
...and its pretty solid! Dont miss our next issue of NSM coming at the end of October. Special Jæren!!!!!