9ft single and ready to mingle

from spacemen to spidermen... Remember un-seriousness!

For the second year in a row, earlier this autumn, we were lucky enough to have a day full of sunshine and perfect little peeling waves.

More than fifty singups for the day, everyone dressed to impress, from spacemen to spidermen.

Me (Adam Peleg) and Peter Steinfath started 9ft Single and Ready to Mingle last year, first of all just to throw a good party and mix in what we love, surfing.

Also, at this point more and more surf events where popping up around Denmark, we just didn't feel as if any of them, were embracing the parts we love the most about surfing.

Surfing for us is about sharing rides and moments in a line-up of friends, all remembering the un-seriousness that lies behind playing in the water.

Most of our summer days in Denmark consist of small fun waves, perfect for longboarding, and this particular scene has seen a rise over the past years.

We saw a lot of shortboards being ridden in wrong conditions and decided, like Joel Tudors' Duct Tape Invitational, to make the length requirement above 9ft and with a single fin.

But since traditional logs are hard to come across in Denmark and we're not trying to find Denmarks best logger, we cut a few corners.

The buy in at the 9ft Single and Ready to Mingle is a six-pack of beer. Making sure all the spectators and participators don't dehydrate in the baking danish sun.

The event is build up around simplicity and people wanting to take part. We have no pricemoney, instead we buy surprises at the thriftshop, and the "winners" get to take them home.

The overall categories of the event vary a lot, and some are made up on the day. This year we had best fin first-wave, best tandem-wave, best outfit, best interview, and whatever stood out during the day.

Next year and the years to come 9ft Single and Ready to Mingle is hopefully going to expand within our capacity. Without saying too much, the goal is to make it a one-day festival, and keep the good times rolling.

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