Alone in Finmark, extreme northeastern part of Norway.

Mads Kjærnli live in Finnmark. extreme northeastern part of Norway. It is also the least populated area in Norway. The Sami people are indigenous here, and reindeer herding, and fishing are two of the main industries. The winters are long, with polar nights lasting for over two months.

In the eastern part where I live, there can be long periods between each swell. High pressure winds from Siberia sweeped the rugged coastline with perfect offshore waves during this spring.

But autumn has proven to be the best season. Although the lack of daylight can be challenging after a while. Further north, at the tip of the county, there are a lot of potential. The long coastline contains a lot of hidden bays with sandbars. These beaches get their swells cold and fresh directly from the North Pole.

Strong currents, and riptides are the most dangerous factors to consider. It can be challenging to get quick help if you get caught in a tricky situation. One should keep in mind that the Gulf Stream loses its warm effect in these waters. In winter it gets down to about 2 celsius, and 5-7 degrees in the summer/early autumn. The only locals I have met during the surf sessions has been harbor seals, reindeers, sea eagles and a lot of other seabirds.

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