Arctic Winter Session

Scandinavia has enjoyed some great winter waves as storm after storm have pounded the shorelines.

The Lofoten Islands have had their share of traditional onshore winds, so no wonder the crowds were out when the wind finally died off and the swell lined up on the left at Unstad. Based out of Lofoten Apartments in Kabelvåg, surf photographer Hallvard Kolltveit went out to capture a trademark winter session in the far north.

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Photo by Anders Melchior

Några bilder från Unstad i söndags... Se upp för Lofoten Masters som börjar i morgon. Kan bli riktigt bra...

Jæren on fire

Photo by Jaymin Rowlands

Årets bästa dag i Stavanger?

Sondre Forsell

Photo by Sondre Forsell

Jærens surfare Sondre Forsell bjuder på riktigt fina bilder

First winter swell in Jæren

Photo by Jaymin Rowlands

...and its pretty solid! Dont miss our next issue of NSM coming at the end of October. Special Jæren!!!!!

September swell in Lofoten

Photo by Hallvard Kolltveit

Summer is over, which means colder weather, thicker wetsuits and finally some decent Arctic swells.


Photo by AFP / Olivier MORIN

A superb series of portraits of some Arctic surfers and their words about the cold water surf.


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