Beer & Bacon in Nova Scotia

"As spring approaches on the East Coast, it is usually hit or miss with swells. When we saw this blob pop up we headed to the bush with a small crew and a few tents. We left my house around 4:00am and started the drive, after many hours in the car we pulled up to the zone we had in mind. As the sun was rising over the horizon with corduroy lines stacking in and rolling down the long left-hand point breaks and we knew we were in for a special day. As it turned out the swell ended up sticking around longer than expected and we had  a solid 3 days worth of waves. Geared with bacon and beer we were set for the next few days. Campfire chef Ben Woodford cooked up some amazing food over our makeshift fire grill and our nights were filled with great food and good conversation and the odd visit from convicts. As on our last night, we had a visit from a few fellas that in their words had just got out of jail and decided to come hang out for a drink and a smoke. Just goes to show you the unexpected things that happen in the bush."

All photos by Mike Bernier


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