Bodil/Sven 2013

med bland annat Pontus Hallin
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Läjet Longboard Trophy

Photo by Mat. Turries

Några bilder från morgonen och finalerna samt en kort stämningsfilm

Hello Winter

Scandinavian winter surf. Christoffer and Oliver Hartkopp, Pontus Hallin and more – shredding the crap out of an otherwise ordinary wednesday.

NSM #17 Preview

Living In Sea-Land Ep.01

Photo by Oh Dawn

SURFBORED is the first episode documenting some backyard shaping in Copenhagen, experimenting with shapes, the thrills of making and riding home cooked equipment and a peek into the OH DAWN sphere...

Where the blueberries are a-bloomin Ep.01

Photo by Mat. Turries

Första avsnitt. Hos Pontus.

Where the blueberries are a-bloomin Ep.02

Photo by Mat. Turries

Andra avsnitt. Hos Zafer - ZT surfboards


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