Bornholm – The island of the Burgundians

Last weekend, Freddie Meadows, Markus Boman (Surfers Paradise) and Nordic Surfers Mag went to an island in the Baltic sea called Bornholm. We wanted to  get to know Dennie Hilding (psychologist and owner of Bornholm Surf Farm),  but also to see with our own eyes if the island was truly hiding huge potential for surf (read our interview with Dennie last year here:

Although aware that the forecast was not ideal, we still wanted to recon "the north shore" of the island. With very precious help from our host Dennie we got totally mind blown by the quantity and variety of spots we saw. Deciduous forest and dramatic rock formations compose the north part of the island and the coast gives perfect set ups for good waves. I cannot put a number on how many spots we saw just in this small part of the island. Point breaks, slabs, perfect longboard peelers… you name it... We'll be back to score the island's true potential, and thereafter promise you a NSM special Bornholm for 2015…

Enjoy the photos and if you want to get there be sure to get in touch with Bornholm Surf Farm (open the all year).

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Photo by Bornholm Surf Farm

Vi tog ett snack med Dennie Hilding. Möt mannen bakom Bornholm Surf Farm!:

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En grymt bra sida om man vill reka nya spots!!!


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The Fisherman’s Tale

Bornholm Surf Farm

In the Baltic Sea lays the small Danish island of Bornholm. The Fisherman’s Tale tells the story of how Dennie Hilding moved to the island seven years ago, started exploring its potential for surf and opened up an eco surf hostel.

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