Bornholm Surf Farm weekend festival 2016

"Bornholm Surf Farm hereby invites our friends & guests to a weekend filled with great company, good music, organic food, short film premier and if mother nature allows us, epic surf!
The festival takes place on the weekend 9 - 10th of April and includes:
Accommodation at BSF Saturday til Sunday
Saturday evening dinner party & after party
Sunday morning breakfast
Food made by a specially invited chef using as much organic and local ingredients as possible
Scandinavian premier of the short surf film Rough Diamond
Free use of BSF’s SUP boards during the event
Price: 950 dkk/person
Tickets are limited!
For booking and information please contact us on

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Photo by Bornholm Surf Farm

Vi tog ett snack med Dennie Hilding. Möt mannen bakom Bornholm Surf Farm!:

Baltic Sea, Skagerrak & Kattegatt Bathymetry Database

En grymt bra sida om man vill reka nya spots!!!

Bornholm – The island of the Burgundians

Photo by Mat. Turries

BornholmSurfFarm: All The Way

Our friend Dennie Hilding from the island Bornholm in the Baltic just send us his first edit. Watch it here.

The Fisherman’s Tale

Bornholm Surf Farm

In the Baltic Sea lays the small Danish island of Bornholm. The Fisherman’s Tale tells the story of how Dennie Hilding moved to the island seven years ago, started exploring its potential for surf and opened up an eco surf hostel.

NSM 31

Nordic Surfers Mag nr. 31

The Scandinavian issue


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