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CLOSER is Antti Autti’s newest short film bringing hypnotic powder shreddery from Japan, Northern Finland and Sweden.

Closer features shots where the audience is not merely viewing the action from a bystander point of view, but introduced into the action with some camera magic from the filmer Iisakki Kennilä.

Antti explains: “In snowboarding and especially in freeriding, no matter where you strap in you’ll find yourself in unique places doing stuff you will never do the same again. Every moment, every turn, every hit – they’re all special. That’s been my motto for my whole riding career, and that’s what I’ll keep up to.

In my newest project – Closer – I’m bringing you exactly that: You’ll get closer to what freeriding is all about.

Closer is an artistic short film that will showcase all the most important places for me and all the types of riding that I live for. 

A film by: 
Iisakki Kennilä
Antti Autti

Antti Autti
Toni Kerkelä
Keisuke Yoshida
Shin Biyajima

Directed / Filmed / Edited by: Iisakki Kennilä

Produced by: Antti Autti, Ilmo Niittymäki

Graphic Design: Jari Salo
Cowriter: Tuukka Tams
Music by: Missikisat - Harsprånget (Koskipassio I - IV)

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