Cold Hawaii Film Festival & The Foamclimb Mammal

Recap from the Cold Hawaii Film Festival and the amazing Foamclimb Mammal...

"Cold Hawaii Film Festival (CHFF) is an event that took place in April 17-19, in Klitmøller- small town on the Danish west coast, which is known for its surf culture. It was mainly sponsored by Thisted municipality and surf shops Westwind.

The event contained many activities, including workshop made by awarded Danish movie director Aske Bang, surf competition arranged by Danish Surf and Raft Association, Beach Trash Art competition, showcase of surf movies and the main event- the final of the festival’s film competition. 

The film competition kicked off in February 2015. Participants had 3 months for making a short surf or SUP movie, which was required to be shot on the Danish coast; in this way, all the competitors had the same wave conditions, that they could work with. 

At first, CHFF received 16 applications for the competition, out of which nine movies managed to be finished on time. 

All nine productions vary from each other and show not only great surf skills of those involved in the movies, but also different interesting stories behind them. 

The movies were judged by four criteria:

1   level of surfing
2   technical quality and editing
3   storyline and entertainment
4   “people’s choice”- audience reaction measured by decibel meter

The winner, “Feel the Freedom” made by Jan Laumark and Lakor, received 8000 dkk. Second place, Hans Højte Augustenborg and his extraordinary movie “The Foamclimb Mammal” won 5000 dkk. “Forever young” made by Martin La Cour was located on the third place and received 2000 dkk.  The judges have also decided to give nine special prices.

The main event, which was the movie competition’s final, that took place on Saturday evening (April 18) attracted over 200 spectators, which was almost as twice as expected. The evening was followed by a big party until early morning. 

The festival has received a great feedback from participants, sponsors and volunteers and we are already looking forward to start working on its second edition in 2016."

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