Den Minsta Av Segrar

During my stay back home on Gotland this fall, I putted together a short movie about the surf scene back home. Trying to explain a feeling through a visual story that I guess many surfers who lives where the conditions aren´t perfect feel, the daily struggle to find waves. In ice cold environments. Everything was shot in a couple of weeks on the baltic island, Gotland.

Filmed and edited by: Tim Lorentzén
Additional surf footage: Vidar Bloom Kauppi
Actor: Felix Lorentzén
Surfers: Tim Lorentzén, Felix Lorentzén, Simon Hendeberg

Big thanks to Felix and Vidar who helped me out a lot, keeping the good vibe up through hours and hours of driving and shooting surf in freezing weather!

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Photo by Jakob Wallin

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Photo by Jakob Wallin

2 Nov.

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Intervju med NordSurf


Photo by Markus Sjöberg

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