Die Welle - The wave

Berlin design group 3ECK Collective has a new project...

"The initial idea behind the wave-shaped ramp is clear. It symbolizes a recollection of the skateboard movement's roots: some of the first skateboarders were surfers, surfers who were looking for the perfect wave - even outside the water. As an experienceable object the wave is first of all an oversized skateboard-ramp in the shape of a wave that reminds the spectator of a megaramp. Thanks to its conceptual design, however, it can at the same time be used at a much smaller scale.

The Wave has a wide range of possible uses because of its design and size.

Besides its function as a skate ramp, it is intended to become a platform for a variety of cultural events, such as theatrical performances, movie screenings, classical and modern concerts, exhibitions, readings, and so on.

The intention behind the project is to create a forum for cultural exchange in which anyone can take part. It is a comprehensive piece of art that grows and thrives because of the ongoing events and happenings that take place on the basis of its existence. It is an egalitarian object that invites its own co-creation. Thus the interactive process already begins with a three-week construction period and culminates in the following six-week exhibition phase."

Read more here >>> http://diewellemwedding.tumblr.com/

Donate to the project >>> http://www.indiegogo.com/projects/die-welle-wedding-wave

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