Dispatches From A Plastic Planet


After fifteen years shooting in the remotest coastlines on Earth, Tim Nunn has completed a film and book combo called Dispatches From A Plastic Planet.

It all started when Tim was editor of a surfing magazine. There he had a passion for getting to the most uninhabited coastlines on the planet looking for surf, specifically at the colder end of our world.

Over the years he produced numerous articles, a book called Numb and many incredible shots which built him a reputation as one of the most hard core surf/adventure photographers in Europe. However beyond the incredible shots and inspirational tales there was an increasing environmental undertone to his work which manifested its self as The Plastic Project eight years ago. Since then Tim has focussed on shooting rubbish alongside surf, has brought in a lot of the world's top surf and adventure photographers to contribute and has developed an educational resource that is free to every school on the planet.

He has now released a book and film called Dispatches From A Plastic Planet,  which he is about to start touring with, it is part personal journey through the North Atlantic as well as drawing on dispatches from other photographers and surfers from around the world.


What Is The Plastic Project?

We are dedicated group of core photographers, film makers and athletes from across the surfing world and the world of adventure. Led by award winning British surf photographer Tim Nunn, we are uniting the outdoor sports world to lead the charge to educate the planet about the damage being done to our oceans due to rubbish.

Our focus is on education at all levels, from the youngest groms in pre school up to college students and beyond. We as a collective are in a unique position to document the damage being done to our planet, from the remotest beaches to the wildest mountains, and we have the tales to inspire people to want to get out and take care of our planet.

It started with photographer Tim Nunn fifteen years ago, his first assignment with a camera was to look at the fly tipping on a beach in North Cornwall called Milook. From there the obsession began, not just with pollution but trying to get to the wildest places on Earth to surf.

“Myself and mate Ian Battrick would do anything to get to the wildest coastlines on Earth, we’d sleep rough to extend our time in expensive places just waiting on good swell”. But when you’re out in these wild places you not only get an intimate portrait of their beauty, but what is also going wrong. “After a while I realised that you can’t go to these places and not turn your camera to what’s really going on; plastic covered beaches in the Arctic are not a new thing, so ten years ago I started shooting it and sharing it”.

We are about using our position as photographers, film makers and surfers who are on the front line of this problem. We don’t need to mount expeditions to wild stretches of coastline or wilderness, we go there anyway. We document the beauty of these places, we inspire people to want to go there, so now it’s time to document the other side, and inspire people to want to protect and change the way they use plastic and treat waste to achieve this.

The power of imagery, film and the people who are involved in creating them passing their experiences on to people cannot be underestimated. We have sat in too many meetings and watched peoples eyes glaze over as they are bombarded with stats and monologues about climate issues. It’s time to use our talents to reach and inspire every human on the planet, because to genuinely change our plastic future, everybody has to be aware and make a difference.

Read more and purchase the book here: theplastic-project.com

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