Paulownia blank with a basic outline already cut, ready to shape!!! Now in our shop. More info here:

The Flama DIY-Handplane pack includes: 

- Paulownia blank with a basic outline already cut, with holes for the strap.

- A nylon belt & a piece of recycled neoprene  to make the strap.

- Shaping instructions.

- Handplane bag made with a recycled t-shirt. 

 99% organic handplanes


About Flama 
The Flama project has been created by joining many distinct passions accumulated throughout a lifetime: surfing and the waves, the mountains and nature, woodwork and industrial design, music, protecting the environment... Creative, active and with deeply engrained principles, I've dedicated my life to doing what I believe in.

After two years of trial and error, Flama is ready to offer the surf community a real alternative to the tremendous ecological cost of current glassed surfboards, which is actually one of the greatest paradoxes of the surfing world.

The Flama concept eliminates almost 100% of contaminating chemicals that we have been abusing since 1950. This system allows us to get back to the roots of surfing, when surfboards were made out of wood and people lived in perfect harmony with nature. The Flama concept stands for a “natural surfing evolution”, in which practicality, simplicity and the minimum use of resources, become the pillars that mark this enterprise.

At Flama, we are believers that we live in an unjust and perverse world, dominated by the power of the capitalists that do not understand and care for the environment. Instead, our goal is to swim in the opposite direction: we are against patents and corporate monopolies, although we are aware that this could be harmful to our intentions. May be others will copy our construction system, and bring mass production to third world countries without any environmental considerations. Oh well… at least we will have our consciousness clean.

Sergi Galanó
Flama's Manager

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