Flat spell vertigo

When this is written, there are 284 days until Christmas.
We look forward to it, not because we want to observe Pagan traditions like eating ham or watching Donald Duck go camping on television (it's a Swedish tradition, please don't ask). We want it to be Christmas, simply because waves are more likely to hit the shores of Pebble Beach around that time.

I think it was Joao Caldas who said that ”Even faced with the current flat-spell, you must have piles of shots from this winter...”Not entirely true, but his comment gave me the impulse to put together a massive gallery, a mixed bag of not-so-tropical fruits. Consider this part I.

Vital facts:

- All shots are from the folders marked December 20 and 21 (8386 frames captured).
- To no one's surprise, Love Berggren is one helluva ripper.
- Manne has shaped an assymetric board with no fins.
- Porra is now sporting the red wetsuit made famous by The Snake.
- Jacob Wester and Sofia Sjöberg sleep in their car these days.
- When Latte steals a longboard, watch out!
- Axel Cooper-Williams throws cheater fives like a boss.
- The Pine Cone designed by Manne and KP for the 6/5/4 Store has proven to be a highly successful design. Just watch Kejps.
- Arvid has elevated his game even further after retiring the Green Goblin Barge.
- Joao recently bought Arvid's Green Goblin Barge. Picture proof has yet to emerge.
- During specific hours, Jonte Glad will catch twice as many waves as you.
- I'm devastated for not finding a proper in-focus banger shot of Okar.

See you soon. In the meantime, check out

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