Gentem Surf Project is a really exciting project with the shapers Yoshihiko kushimoto, Chris Christenson, Mick Mackie & Beau Young and Gentemstick. The collab result in 5 differents boards.

Yoshihiko kushimoto

Taro Tamai and Yoshihiko Kushimoto have been friends for a long time.

Although their field of expression, big mountains and big waves, is different, they have many things to share and there is a solid bound between them two. Taro, along with this board, surfed perfect waves of not only Hokkaido, but Papua New Guinea, Srilanka and other. It is the one board with a fine balance that was born from their long friendship.

Chris Christenson

Chris has now been riding and collecting Gentemstick for more than a decade. As a surfer and a shaper, he instantly got the image to input his own interpretation of the TT160 into his shape. This TT model is the shared understanding between Taro and Chris that has been put into a shape. 

Mick Mackie

Mick has been visiting Niseko multiple times and experienced the best snow and surf conditions Hokkaido has to offer. He has always been inspired by snow-surfing and has been reflecting it into his surfboard shapes for many years. He also plays one of the main role in Andrew Kidman’s world of surf cinema. 

His surfboard shape is unique and the strong influence of snow surfing can easily be seen in its outline.
This shape in particular, the Niseko Special, was inspired by his own experience riding the slopes of Iwaonupuri in the Niseko range.

Beau Young

When Beau Young, former longboard world champion, came to Niseko and shared some time snow-surfing with the Gentemstick crew, he instantly got a strong inspiration to shape this board. Its shape reflects the two models that he got the most inspiration from, the Big Fish and the Mantaray. This board reflects Beau’s interpretation of snow surfing as well as his ability of board riding, no matter, long, short or snow.

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“Looking at the future too hard is just a waste of time. I want to make shit that people will ride for as long as possible.” - Chris Christenson


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