Greetings from a snow-covered shore

Torö, January the 7th.

What I learned on Saturday, January the 7th:

- If it's puking, be advised that there are sandwiches and expensive coffee for sale indoors at the Gullmarsplan subway station. Grumpy service and prices reminding of those at Arlanda Terminal 5, but still a life-saver.

- Traffic is always an issue on road 528 to Torö. Even more so after a bit of snow. Particularly so near the yellow house at Herrhamra. Practical advice: Half way up the hill, there's a box of sand to help stuck drivers, but do bring a shovel in your car if you can.

- When Arvid and Frankie start their usual cat-and-mouse game in the waves, it often gets entertaining. Not many are able to pull it off in the often choppy Torö swell.

- Last Sunday's achiever: Simon Hendeberg, who certainly ripped despite exiting the water as a walking ice-cube, cursing the use of his leaking old wettie. Saved by the heated tent, Simon was at it again, only 20 minutes later.

- Achiever on a different level: Sandra Jo, who arrived late after helping a fellow motorist, who was apparently in shock after a close call on the highway.

January 7 wasn't exactly a day that will go down in Swedish surf history, but it was a fun day nevertheless... and for our friends from abroad, it may used to reinforce the myth of penguins and polar bears roaming the streets of Stockholm.

Håkan Nyberg


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