First german cold water surf movie

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Somewhen around this time last year a german surfcrew decided to realize their idea of a filmproject to show what coldwater surfing means to them. Long months with endless hours on ships and roads followed. Accompanied with heavy rain and storm forcasts, icy watertemperatures and even colder air, they went to Iceland, Scotland, Denmark and Germany.
The Binsurfen Team is proud to present the first german cold water surf movie "HEADACHE". Every coldwater surfer should know the feeling of the icecreamheadache that you get duckdiving your first wave in a wintersession. Visit the homepage for release dates and news.

Director: Felix Gänsicke
Additional Footage: Lucas Günther, Dan Petermann






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Du har precis slagit upp tältet på stranden. Efter en dag i vattnet samlas gamla och nyfunna vänner vid brasan av drivved för att värma sig, torka våtdräkten och låta ögonen vila i lågorna. Snart sker det. Berättelserna fyller kvällen, får oss att skratta, undra, fascineras, kanske gråta en skvätt. Och den här gången finns en professionell berättare i sällskapet- surfjournalisten Michael Kew.

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“We wanted to make a cold water feature surf film that was more about surfing than the adventure of exploring in the cold.” Ben Gulliver


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