Episode 1 & 2

“Looking at the future too hard is just a waste of time. I want to make shit that people will ride for as long as possible.” - Chris Christenson

"Idle Hands is a new video series that dives into Chris Christenson's story as a shaper, business owner and his many other interests. Chris has blazed his own trail in the surf industry since shaping and selling boards out of his college dorm room over twenty years ago. Since then, he’s garnered respect as one of the premier shapers in the world, mentoring under legends like Skip Frye and Dick Brewer. In this first chapter, we caught up with Chris at his shop just north of San Diego and chatted about board design, his custom built hot rod and more.

In the second installment, we take a ride up to the Eastern Sierras to see how he spends his time during the winter months. Chris’s passion for shaping surfboards transfers over to the snow. As an avid snowboarder and builder, he often escapes up to the mountains to find inspiration in shaping surfboards, designing snowboards and enjoying time up on Mammoth Mountain.

“A lot of my new (surf and snow) models come from up here. It brought a whole new momentum to my creative process. Instead of being influenced by everyone, it’s good to get up here and be isolated.”

Video: Scotty Hammonds, Greg Weaver
Edit: Nick Green

If you want more content with Chris Christenson, check out the interview we did with this legend in our nr.26 issue here 


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