Here are some highlights from the ISPO 2016 Cold Water Surfing and other stuff we liked around the booth.

This video shows the mind blowing cardboard surfboard from Westkust (Full presentation), the groundbreaking neopren-free Yulex wetsuit from Patagonia (ISPO winner) - More about Yulex soon in NSM - , and a non-exhaustive short view of some products we liked around the booth together with some of the happening at the ISPO CWS. 
We want to thanks ISPO and all the partners/ brands / org. / filmmakers / the CWS.
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NSM 24

Nordic Surfers Mag nr. 24 is here and were very glad to present it to you


Podcasting is back and we’re really happy for that! We all love storytelling, do we!? So why not enjoying the comeback of this excellent medium, accessible pretty much anywhere we happen to be. Sit back, relax and enjoy. Here are the best surf podcasts out there.

Human/Nature - Joshua B Kirkman

Photo by Darren Hamlin

What’s it all about? Simple: we can all play our part in making this world of ours better, no matter how great or small the contribution. We just need to be creative and base our intention on good science and intention.

The Outrider

Photo by Two Eyes Film

The Outrider will comes very soon to theaters near you. The guys from Two Eyes Film did it again. We saw it and It s hilarious.

Being There

Photo by Lea Brassy & Vincent Colliart

Self-supported ski journey to the waves of remote Iceland with Lea Brassy & Vincent Colliart. Full length film.


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