Jacob Wester in the Arctic

Around the bend

"Ever since I first stood up on a surfboard, I have had a fantasy of finding a place where I could ski powder snow down a big line, change into a wetsuit, and surf perfect waves on the same day. Preferably with only friends. It was like one of those silly daydreams I would wander into on occasion while ski-touring or driving, like a thought experiment where you would be asked to construct the best day ever, no conditions. For years it stayed just that, a fantasy. Sure, there would be places where I could have skied something contrived in marginal snow quality, and perhaps have a lousy onshore surf session the same day, but could it ever be world class? Surely, far too many parameters would have to be set just right for that to happen.

In the spring of 2019, a series of arctic low pressures hit Northern Norway, bringing unseasonally cold snow followed by an ocean swell from a rare direction, allowing me to finally realize that dream. In respect towards the locals, the exact location and combination of weather events will remain undisclosed, but it's there to find for those willing to do the homework!"

Filming and editing by Sofia Sjöberg 
Animation by Jacob Wester

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