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"English surfer and writer, Daniel Crockett, is a man who, in the scope of art and literature, wears many hats. He’s composed short stories, poetry collections (he’s the guy who penned Beyond the Scars), and small exhibitions of film and photography that often feature creators and surfers who would otherwise be overlooked by commercial publications. One of his most recent publication series, KooK, is a newspaper that covers written and photographic reflections of the current state of surfing. Submitted by surfers from around the world, it’s a malleable everyman’s approach to surfing philosophy." 


KooK #3 now available in our webshop: http://nordicsurfersmag.tictail.com/


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Fantastisk trailer om boken Surfers Blood av fotografen Patrick Trefz!

NSM #17 Preview

SURFERS BLOOD _ Short films

Photo by Patrick Trefz

Last year we wrote about Patrick Trefz s book. This year, were stoke to see coming a short films serie from it. Watch here:


Nordic Surfers Mag #20 Special Jæren in press shop october 28th but available now for pre order.

John Brodie´s Journal

2. Open Spaces

Photo by Karl Mackie

As soon as Karl stepped out of the car a serious decision had to be made. The Cornish sun played her hand and kindly acknowledged that we solve this before nightfall. Well, if we wanted to get in the water.


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