living in the ice-box

Jaeren Boardriders första round går av stapeln i helgen och de laddar med veckans bilder.
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Joel Stevenson & Co. at Saltstein

Photo by Jostein Nilsen

From this week end. Joel Stevenson, Jonas Paulsen, Sebastian Kjellstrom, Phil Pope and more...

Saltstein, friday 10 okt.

Photo by Jostein Nilsen

Seamus, Phil & Seb Kjellström.


Photo by Ivar Vasstveit

Photos and results from the first Nordic Surf Games in Jæren yesterday.

Arctic Winter Session

Photo by Hallvard Kolltveit

Scandinavia has enjoyed some great winter waves as storm after storm have pounded the shorelines.

September swell in Lofoten

Photo by Hallvard Kolltveit

Summer is over, which means colder weather, thicker wetsuits and finally some decent Arctic swells.

Girl Power In Jæren

Text by Sara Bianca Gilje
Photo by David Dittermann & Sigve Brochmann Rasmussen

Eleven of the best Norwegian gathered for a cold and epic week in Jæren.


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