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Lofoten Masters har funnits sedan 2007 men har nätt nya höjder i år! Watch here >>>

Lofoten Masters har funnits sedan 2007 men har nätt nya höjder i år! Vi tror definitivt att den här tävling har en fantastisk framtid framför sig för den skandinaviska surfscenen. STOR eloge till alla inblandade! Här kommer en rapport från tävlings arrangörerna samt filmen från Red Bull Media House med action, intervjuer och prisutdelning.

Lofoten Masters 2013

Lofoten Masters was held for the first time in 2007 as a one day event. The setup at the beach contained a camping chair and a table. Speaker system was a handheld megaphone. Slowly the event grew with more and more surfers and this spring we got in contact with Nordic Naturals and made an sponsor agreement that made it possible to lift the competition to new levels.

Nordic Naturals Lofoten Masters 2013 was the biggest and most complex surfcomp ever in scandinavia with 10.000 USD, 97 surfers from 12 countries, live stream and scoring system.

We set the bar really high for this years competition and raised expectations. We learned alot and in the end we are happy altough Nordic Naturals Lofoten Masters became a serious challenge. Without the help of volunteers it would have been an impossible challenge. The crew contained of about 35 volunteers and we wan't to give a special thanks to the surf class at Lofoten Folkehøgskole (lofotenfolkehogskole.no).

The competition started thursday at Unstad. To get trough all heats during saturday we decided to do split peaks. Winds where onshore, but waves where overhead, so there was enough room for doing two heats at the same time. With no experience with the live scoring system we decided to put that on hold in the preliminary heats. First day of competition went all in all well.

Friday the waves where even bigger than yesterday and we decied to do heats at both «Garbage dump» and Flakstad beach who is a 40 min drive from Unstad. Unstad bay contains of 4 main spots. «The right» (heavy and fast right,  pointbreak), «beach» (sandbards), «The left» (fast and hollow left, pointbreak) and the «Garbage dump» (left pointbreak). «Garbage dump» is 1,2 km away from the main contest area so we had to move our judges stand closer to where the surfers where. At both Flakstad and the «Garbage dump» we had no internet connection so there was no live score and live stream was cut down to a minimum. What we learned from moving the competition from the planned competition area with all our setup and communicatins systems was that we needed three times as many guys to make things work, guys that wasn't available. We made it trough the day, but it was a serious challenge and the arctic climate didn't help us.

Last competition day was held at Unstad beach straight in front of the main competetition area. To keep surfers heated Unstad Arctic Surf (unstadarcticsurf.com) had set up a hottub and a sauna right at the beach free to use for everyone. Eureka chiropractors also offered free service trough the whole competition for both surfers and audience. Doing the finals in front of our setup made it possible to run both live stream and live live score system. For the first time during the event we felt things where working out as planned and we got some valuable experience and training in doing a full scale surfcompetition as the first ones in scandinavia.

Next year we will be more prepared and ready for keeping the level of the organization higher trough the whole competition from start to end. Our goal is to become one of the top level surfcompetitions in Europe. This year we set the bar high and learned alot about how to get there.

Thanks to all our sponsors, partners and volunteers

Cheers from Lofoten Extremesportsclub and Unstad Arctic Surf.

Ole Kristian Larsen and Tommy Olsen

Foto framsida: © Mats Grimsæth / Red Bull Content Pool
Video: © Red Bull Media House

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