Logan Landry in Sweden

Super thrilled to had Canadian Pro surfer Logan Landry from Nova Scotia visiting us in Sweden.

"Surfing in Sweden was a very unique experience , for myself coming from the North Atlantic and a swell battered  coastline it was a very exciting  adventure. Upon the arrival to the spot I was very surprised to see a left peeling point break , and to my surprise a few locals out. All the surfers out surfed  well and were ripping up this left point. I suited up as fast as possible and ran down the field to jump into the brackish water and paddle out to the lineup. Once I got out there I sat in the lineup with around 8-10 locals . To be honest I was very surprised with the local talent as well as how developed the local surfing culture was in such a unique surfing area. The waves were of a much higher quality then that of what I expected , it was one of the most unique surfing experiences of my life. Thanks to all the locals for sharing your waves and slice of Swedish surfing paradise with me."

Follow Logan on instagram: @loganlandry

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Photo by Mat. Turries

Två dagar med riktigt fin surf i Skåne. Se bilderna här:

Novembersol - Part.1

Photo by Mat. Turries

Novembersol i södra Sverige, del 1

Novembersol - Part.2

Photo by Mat. Turries

fler bilder... med Pontus Hallin, Tim Latte & Nick Ivarsson



NSM SESSION - NICK & JOSH - South Sweden

Photo by Mat Turries

Nick Ivarsson and NSM new associate writer Joshua Burguete-Kirkman on a super cold session in South Sweden a few days ago…

Freddie & Jeff

Photo by Jeff Flindt

Legendary photographer Jeff Flindt made a come back in the Baltic water today together with Freddie Meadows in South Sweden. watch the photos here


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