Marcus Paladino is a photographer living in Tofino, Canada

... and if you read and follow us you are most certainly already familiar with his great photos! Marcus recently released a new website and to celebrate that we run here a small gallery. 
Enjoy! and if you want to see more we stronlgy recommend you to check:

and follow him on Insta:

On the photos above:

Shannon Brown - Photo nr.1 
Pete Devries - Photos nr. 2, 3, 6, 7 and 15
Noha Cohen - Photos nr. 9 & 10
Michael Darling - Photos nr. 11, 13, 20 & 21
Andy Jones - Photos nr. 12 & 24
Dane Gudauskas - Photo nr. 14
Reed Platenius - Photos nr. 17 & 18
Malcom Daly - Photos nr. 19 & 23
Kalum Temple Bruhwiler - Photo nr.22


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