Movie Night Grand Teatret København

3 in a row. Presented by OH DAWN. 17th march 2015. Dont miss!


Hjem (Home) by Benjamin Beckett & OH DAWN. A short film shot in cold december days on the west coast of Denmark, where a handful of locals stay home during the sparsely populated winter. Cabin fever and North Sea bliss ensured.

The Cradle of Storms (US)

Alex Gray, Josh Mulcoy, and Pete Devries went on a journey through the remote Aleutian Arc of Alaska, the birthplace of storm systems that send swell back to the rest of us in civilization. They braved heavy weather, flew on rickety prop planes, and ate seal meat en route to discovering one of the best cold-water slabs in the world. The film follows the cold-water crew as they traverse the island on quads, tracking pulses of swell to remote bays and never before surfed points. Set against the stunning volcanic backdrop of the Aleutian Islands, The Cradle of Storms is cold-water surf exploration at its finest.


Russia, The Outpost Vol. 1 follows Keith Malloy, Dane Gudauskas, Cyrus Sutton, Trevor Gordon, Foster Huntington, Chris Burkard, and Ben Weiland as they journey into the remote wilderness of the Kamchatka Peninsula, camping and fishing along the way, in a groundbreaking search for surf and adventure.


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Hamboards NOW AVALAIBLE in Scandinavia!

Carve Life introduces Hamboards throughout the Scandinavian countries. Just have a look at this short video you will understand our stoke!

BornholmSurfFarm: All The Way

Our friend Dennie Hilding from the island Bornholm in the Baltic just send us his first edit. Watch it here.


Photo by Surfin estate

The Seawolf

“We wanted to make a cold water feature surf film that was more about surfing than the adventure of exploring in the cold.” Ben Gulliver

The Seawolf - Danish Premiere

Cold water nonsense.

I ét

by Hans Augustenborg & Peter Steinfath


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