A token ten-night surf trip with a twist. Lightly frosted and steeped in absurdity, an unlikely trio chases the wild crest to the coldest corners of the earth.

Garrett Parkes - James Kates - Chayne Simpson

Presented by Zion Wetsuits

Filmed, written and directed - Ryan Mattick
Edited - James Kates, Ryan Mattick
Narration - Dane Taylor
Artwork - Keiran 'The Skitz' Odonovan
Additional Footage - Dave 'Big Gravy' Fox, Morgan Hives (Troll Cam)

Catch it

Watch Leas documentary Catch it. Its about finding simplicity and an appealing balance between nature and humanity in Lofoten Islands. Fishing, climbing and surfing... Lea reminds us that living simply is living fully.

The fisherman s son livestream full film

When one of Chile’s most iconic surf spots and Navarro’s home break of Punta de Lobos came under the threat of massive corporate development...

Searching the Shumagin islands

Alaska surf discovery

Text by Ben Herrgott

In September 2015, 7 of us went to explore the Shumagin islands, in the Aleutian chain, hoping to find some waves to surf. Our mode of transport was the Milo, a 50-year young decommissioned fishing boat owned by Alaska surf pioneer Mike McCune.


Bali or Myth?

Text by Tony Butt
Photo by Elli Thor Magnusson

NSM #23

New issue of Nordic Surfers Mag out the 19th of may but already available in the webshop

The Accord

A film about the turbulent relationship between an Icelandic surfer and the North Atlantic wind.


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