Scandinavias most prestigious surf event has just been done and dusted for this year at Bore beach, Jaeren. With surfers from all over the globe competing for the Nordic title in somewhat colder waters than your average surfers paradise under the sun. With the weather forecast showing decreasing swell after opening day for the contest it was vital that as many rounds of heats would be run as possible. The level of surfing displayed was higher than expected, with great surfing displayed in all categories. A whole new level of surfing was brought to the shores of Scandinavia in this years contest. Roger Barros, longboarder hailing from Brazil showed some impressive classic moves. The finish/Mexican surfer Kalle Carranza was surfing with a smooth style, mixing it up with some new school manoeuvres. Oliver Hartkopp (DK) has grown up displaying promising power surfing, along with Keala Kekaulike Nalaui (HWI) showing us all where power surfing came from and Gil Ferreira zipping airs just like you expect a Brazilian to pull out of the bag in shreddable waves. The open final was a action filled heat with a constant exchange between all the finalists ripping, however Sweden’s Timothy Latte managed to sneak in a solid score during the last minutes placing him on top just 2 minutes left in the heat which secured his victory. The ladies, juniors and longboard finals faced the challenge of small surf, which kept the final heats very slow, with little opportunity of critical and radical surfing. However, they all gave a hundred per cent. We saw Stavangers own Guro Anestad taking the win in the ladies final, with Christoffer Holler (DK) surfing to victory in the junior finals and the longboard king Roger Barros cross-stepping the victory home in the longboard finals.

OPEN MEN: 1. Tim Latte 2. Kalle Carranza 3. Oliver Hartkopp 4. Gil Ferreira
WOMEN: 1. Guro Aanestad 2. Shoana Blackadder 3. Phoebe Strachan 4. Åse Øydegard
LONGBOARD: 1. Roger Barros 2. Robert Storm 3. Love Berggren 4. Roar Berge
JUNIOR: 1. Christoffer Holler 2. Marie Milner 3. Iona Mclachlan 4. Douglas Hammarling

1 to 7 by Sondre Forsell
8 to 14 by

15 to 19 by Emil Kjos Sollie / Red Bull Content Pool 

Nordic Surf Games

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