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Welcome to first of many episodes of the Nordic Surfers Magazine Conversations Podcast, a podcast hosted by NSM Associate Writer Joshua B. Kirkman where he meets and interviews special guests from the surfing world both here in the Nordics and further abroad.


Episode One of the podcast is a special one. Dan Malloy is a special character in surfing who has played a definitive role in defining a unique style and approach to wave-riding as well as integrating environmental concerns into his work as a professional rider and content producer. In this first episode of Nordic Surfers Magazine Conversations Podcast Dan discusses his journey from being a young kid passionate about surfing, chasing a competitive career with all the bells and whistles to then working with Patagonia as they entered the surf market.

This interview provides a candid insight into Dan’s views about the surfing industry, his feelings about the life as a ‘pro’ and his transition from being a professional surfer to being a worker/surfer, and much more.

This episode was recorded on a beautiful spring day in northern Scotland in between educationals on wetsuit production and Fair Trade clothing certification with Patagonia.

We enjoyed producing this episode, so we hope you enjoy listening to it! Feedback on this episode and ideas for future episodes is most definitely welcomed and you can let us know by leaving a comment in SoundCloud, Facebook or Instagram.

If you enjoyed listening to ‘A few years’ by Varberg surfer Henrik Ehn (who goes by the nom de plume of The Black Cabin) then make sure you check him out on Spotify or SoundCloud.

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