NSM Nr.28

New Nordic Surfers Mag out now!

Once again we are claiming this new issue to be our best ever. Hard to say why exactly but we swear, this one is super rare!

 Maybe it’s because of:

- Having the wonderful Belinda Baggs featured in Scotland through the lens of Al Mackinnon who provides here some of our absolute favorite photographs seens this year.

- or maybe it’s because we have the immense honor to feature the legendary Taro Tamai visiting North Norway for a snow & surf mission together with his crew…and… documented by very best photographer for this kind of assignment: Andrew Miller.

- OR – is it because our locals Freddie Meadows, Jacob Wester and Agnes Maltesdotter found a superb Baltic slab?

- OR – can it be because we’re sky high thrilled to have Tyler Warren’s art on the cover?? 

Well… you probably got it, it’s the combination of all of that, seeing us frothing to reveal our new issue … and at the same time, introducing our first Nordic Surfers Mag campaign in it.

WORLDWIDE SHIPPING, AVAILABLE NOW HERE: http://nordicsurfersmag.tictail.com/

Thanks to all of you! 

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After fifteen years shooting in the remotest coastlines on Earth, Tim Nunn has completed a film and book combo called Dispatches From A Plastic Planet.



Photo by Al Mackinnon

This episode features a conversation with Australian longboarder and environmentalist Belinda Baggs, who caught up with Josh in Scotland.


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