Oh, that sweet Saturday!

Swedish Surf Tour – leg #3

It seemed like the entire country was bracing itself for Gorm. And sure enough, in the southernmost corner, bridges were already shut down and train departures were cancelled.

The surf community was all ears, of course. And while some forecasts definitely sounded a tad inflated, it was obvious that this, the third and final leg of the Swedish Surf Tour 2015, soon could be suffering from an overdose of Baltic swell. An unusual problem fo'sho...
During the wave check upon arrival, the verdict was ”a lot of wind, albeit less waves”. That was soon going to change.

Less than an hour later, as the swell had built up rather rapidly, paddling became a project and the organizer, Patrick ”Stubb” Ståhl, decided to cancel the longboard comp along with women's and the junior's and move them to a later date – possibly the next weekend (that would be Saturday, December 5).
Therefore, only the Open class was finished this Saturday.
On the other hand, it seemed like the only sensible thing to do. References to last year's ”Reggie Would Go”-event were common. While we weren't facing a consistent swell of that magnitude the largest sets were pretty much in the same size bracket.
At the end of the day, the judges, Stubb and Hans Lindborg, presented the final results with Emanuel ”Manne” Haglund snatching the silver medal and, to no one's surprise,  Joel Den-Besten ended up at the top of the podium.
It wasn't a big wave contest, far from it, but if any competition in Sweden (apart from the aforementioned ”Reggie...”) has been held in bigger waves, please educate this writer about it.
From a photographer's standpoint it was a crap day with more or less constant drizzles soaking lenses, fragile gear and human beings. The atmosphere, however, was warm – which is what counts in the long run, if you ask me.

This text will be replaced by a full list of the results/points will become visible below as soon as it becomes available. 

All photos by Håkan Nyberg except nr. 4, 6, 11 & 18 from Niclas Ahlberg

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