One of those little days in between the big days.

with Manne, Erik, Joel, Jonte, Sandra, Arvid & KP

I don't think we could ever refer to it as desperation. Rather would it be sorted under commitment, dedication or possibly just, well... stoke.
On a more personal level the low pressure system caused e-mails and text messages to drop in with unusual frequency . What was this? The mother of all storms? Naah, rather an indicator of the fact that no one had had the chance to rip that much lately. It seemed like everyone was very keen to get their fixes.

On that Monday, Joel and I arrived to the shore and found ourselves looking at a very un- roaring, un-pumping Stenstrand with a miniature swell and 7-8 m/s SSW winds. A look at Knolls Grund earlier had promised more. Sure enough it was building up, but only slightly. We decided to make the next morning an early one.

At 5:30 the batmobile was southbound but we were by no means first on site. Soon we were joined by Manne (who claimed to have had his longest drought in years), KP (sporting a new board), Jonte (back after several months abroad). Arvid (who had resorted back to his green goblin craft), Snaken (bringing Gifflar and stoke) and a happy Sandra Jo with an entire TV- team in tow. Despite semi-flat conditions, I counted to 30+ surfers in the water and many new faces.

Mind you, this happened on a Tuesday morning in May. It says something about the state that surfing in Sweden is in. And while it wasn't a huge day, it sure was a pretty good day to be enjoyed in between the big ones.
And let's think positive: This crappy little excuse for a season they call summer will probably be here in a whim and leave just as fast. It's just a speedbump before the September storms will come rolling in. Good times ahead... oh, yes.

Music & lyrics: Håkan Nyberg
Instasomething: @hknnyberg 

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