New portrait film on a guy who has a lot of fun things to say and a lovely attitude to life - Emanuel Manne Haglund

"I chose to name this short 'PÅ ETT UNGEFÄR', which means 'roughly'. Manne put the last rough touches on the boards on tuesday night, just in time for the surf on Wednesday morning."

Dir/Camera/Edit/Grade: Sebastian Sandblad
Drone: Adam Klingeteg


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Temptress av Blueberry Visuals

Torö bjöd på dans under midsommar och nästan hela Blueberry crewet var på plats. Grabbarna hann filma lite och klippa ihop detta. MAGISKT!!!

Snipp, Snap, Snut, så var året slut!

En clean decemberdag på Torö filmat av Blueberry Visuals

Regular tuesday by Blueberry Visuals

Sometimes surfing in Sweden is just about dreaming of something else...

One of those little days in between the big days.

Text by Håkan Nyberg
Photo by Håkan Nyberg

with Manne, Erik, Joel, Jonte, Sandra, Arvid & KP

Svenska Mästerskap 2017 - Photo - Part one

Photo by Mathieu Turries

The 2017 champions are now crowned and what went down at the Surfers Lodge Open yesterday at Torö will stay in our minds for years.

Svenska Mästerskap 2017 - Photo - Part Two

Photo by Adam Klingeteg

More photos! This time, from the water.


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