Rain Dogs

Yearning For Turning in the Pacific Northwest

Astonishing short film by Korua Shapes. The Yearning For Turning serie just keeps raising the bar. Watch it now!

«RAIN DOGS» is a reference to Washington State’s “finest” Rainier Beer, which kept us hydrated during our road trip through the PNW in February of 2020 BC (Before Covid). It’s also a slight hint to the predominantly moist weather we experienced on our visit State-side. A trip where our rental car smelled like a pack of wet dogs 24/7, and even with rain so persistent it could soak through the toughest of Gore-Tex, it could not dampen our spirits or stop our mission to film Yearning For Turning in the Pacific North West.

We had an absolute blast navigating the slopes of Baker, Crystal and Bachelor, linking turns on every type of snow imaginable, making new friends in the lift lines and down at the pub, eating day-old pizza from the tailgate in the parking lot, and drinking a couple «Rain Dogs» here and there. Collectively we tried our best to capture our turns in new surroundings, and are pretty darn surprised and happy with the outcome. Hope y’all enjoy it too!

Featuring: Nicholas Wolken, Lars Popp
Cinematography: Theo Acworth, Morgan Maassen, Aaron Schwartz, JP Schlick
Editor: Eliel Hindert
Creative Direction: Eliel Hindert, Nicholas Wolken, Aaron Schwartz
Monochromist: Eliel Hindert
Garphic Design: Aaron Schwartz
Music Supervisor: Floren Chronie-De Maria
Locations: Mount Baker, Crystal Mountain, Mount Bachelor

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