Range Of Mystery

chasing rumors of a high altitude utopia

Legend has it, there exists a fabled mountain range. They say it is composed of lush valleys, towering peaks and steep faces. It is a place where the sun scorches uncovered skin, mist engulfs vision from the forest below, but the snow is magically preserved, waiting for your turn. The location of this high altitude, holy grail has remained an enigma for years. There are rumors of a map leading to this Range Of Mystery, vanished and forgotten, waiting to be rediscovered. Featuring: Nick Russell, Gray Thompson &  Danny Davis.

With minimal information yet a strong desire to bring a dream to life, these three "shralpinists" set out on a quest to make first tracks in a rugged landscape. Earning their turns however, proves no easy feat. In order to achieve hard fought- first descents, they must first cross country borders and language barriers, shoulder heavy packs for miles on end, camp at high altitudes, navigate open glaciers and endure life threatening weather. 

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