September swell in Lofoten

Summer is over, which means colder weather, thicker wetsuits and finally some decent Arctic swells.

The first days of September have seen Unstad light up, with especially the right lining up day after day after day, and the beach and left providing great lines for longer boards.

They won’t write books about these days and swell, but accompanied by blue skyes and pink sunsets these waves have provided some tubes and walls for the locals and travellers live off going into the darker and wetter part of Fall.

All Photos by Hallvard Kolltveit <-- Give him a follow! 

In order of appearance

Jean Baptiste Debrure
Oscar Rocca
Shannon Ainslie
Maria Petersson
& Joacim Nyhaugen


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Photo by Tommy Olsen

Lofoten going off!!!

Misslyckad snow trip...

Photo by Adam Moran

Vad hände när Burton teamet Terje Håkensen, Stephan Maurer, Tim Manning, Areial7 Norge Seamus Fox och Mads Jonsson drar till Strandafjellet ihop med fotografen Frode Sandbech och Burtons fotograf Adam Moran och inte får någon snö???...


Photo by Anders Melchior

Några bilder från Unstad i söndags... Se upp för Lofoten Masters som börjar i morgon. Kan bli riktigt bra...

Arctic Winter Session

Photo by Hallvard Kolltveit

Scandinavia has enjoyed some great winter waves as storm after storm have pounded the shorelines.

The 10th Annual Lofoten Masters

Text by Joshua Burguete-Kirkman
Photo by AFP Photo / Olivier Morin

Low on Swell, High on Stoke!

Pumping Unstad session with Shannon Ainslie

Photo by Hallvard Kolltveit


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