Shred Talks presents: Daniel Thomson of Tomo Surfboards

Shred Talks by Shaper Studios is an interactive event with Q&A sessions in front of a live audience with some of the industry's most successful and creative surfboard shapers.  The event is hosted by Chris Grow

Shaper Studios is the world’s first DIY surfboard workshop. Emerging from San Diego’s progressive surf culture, Shaper Studios is a tribute to the original California surf shop. At Shaper Studios, a friendly staff of professional surfboard builders share their passion for the art of surfboard design with surfers of all ages. Through private Surfboard Shaping Lessons and Group Surfboard Shaping Classes, novice surfers and advanced surfers alike can learn this time-honored craft. Shaper Studios locations are available across North America, including San Diego, Vancouver, and Orange County.  For more information and to become a member, visit

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Ryan Burch has been leading a new generation of surfer/shapers for a few years now. Perhaps never before in surfing history has a surfer evolved from a conformist framework to so fully explore the entire spectrum of wave riding design and performance.

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“Looking at the future too hard is just a waste of time. I want to make shit that people will ride for as long as possible.” - Chris Christenson

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