Stoked & Salty

For a period of 2 weeks a complete art space featuring the works of Thomas Campbell, Alex Laurel, Bastien Bonnarme and Keith Malloy as well as a unique selection of Pukas collector’s boards and private treasury will be set up in the heart of San Sebastian.

“STOKED & SALTY” follows Nixon’s longtime tradition to support local artists and emerging creative talents and will be the premier of an Art Mosh initiative exclusively devoted to the universe of surfing. There could be no better partner than the family owned company Pukas, one of Europe’s most renowned and genuine surfboard manufacturers.

“We see this event as a way to give something back to the local community and are excited to pull this off with Pukas”, so Franck Corbery, Marketing Manager at Nixon Europe. “Surfing and art are passions we all share. Thanks to Pukas we get the opportunity to showcase what both of our brands are all about, our roots and heritage, and the incredibly talented friends, artists and riders we managed to gather in the past years in a prime location and season.

“STOKED & SALTY – a Nixon art mosh initiative” will be inaugurated on August 16th from 6 until 10 pm. Most of the images were taken during the Nixon Surf Challenge 2013 in Iceland!

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The 12th edition of the Nixon Surf Challenge, in association with Monster Energy, Dragon and Reef, headed all the way north to Iceland last week for an incredible adventure just below the Arctic Circle.

Elli Thor Portofolio

Photo by Elli Thor Magnusson

Explore Iceland through the lens of the very talented Elli Thor Magnusson:

John Brodie´s Journal

2. Open Spaces

Photo by Karl Mackie

As soon as Karl stepped out of the car a serious decision had to be made. The Cornish sun played her hand and kindly acknowledged that we solve this before nightfall. Well, if we wanted to get in the water.

Test of the new Patagonia in Iceland

Photo by Al Mackinnon & Mat.Turries

NSM went to Iceland last week to test the new Patagonia Yulex coming this fall. A new plant-based material, FSC certified. Bad habits change aint easy but let’s face it, we need to adapt our behaviour. In 1972, when clean climbing became an issue in the US, Yvon Chouinard began manufacturing removable chocks… 2016 might be the beginning of the end of neopren.


Text by Freddie Meadows
Photo by Gustav Wiking / 654Stockholm

Stockholms crew having a blast in Iceland. Watch the photos and read Freddie Meadows summary

Self Discovery For Social Survival

Filmed in Iceland, the Maldives, and Mexico in three separate vignettes, musicians Allah-Las, Connan Mockasin, Andrew VanWyngarden of MGMT, and Peaking Lights and pro-surfers Stephanie Gilmore, Creed McTaggart, Ryan Burch, Devon Howard, CJ Nelson, Corey Colapinto, Ellis Ericson + more embark on sound and surf journeys that conjures a surreal and serene symbiosis of music, the environment, and local culture.


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