Podcasting is back and we’re really happy for that! We all love storytelling, do we!? So why not enjoying the comeback of this excellent medium, accessible pretty much anywhere we happen to be. Sit back, relax and enjoy. Here are the best surf podcasts out there.

The Kyle Thiermann Show

Kyle graduated from Gaia University with a Bachelors of Science in Green Business with a focus in Media. His surfing skills earned him a spot among an elite group of athletes on the teams of Patagonia and Sector 9. From ages 18-25 Kyle created and hosted the YouTube series Surfing For Change. While traveling to the best waves around the world, Thiermann created gonzo-style mini-documentaries about current environmental issues happening in the regions. In the series, Thiermann focused on the power people have to create a better world through everyday decisions.

Kyle latest project is The Kyle Thiermann show podcast. It’s a very good show with great guests and very genuine conversations. We highly recommend!

The Wire by Firewire Surfboards

The great Chris Grow that you all certainly know from Shred Show or Shred Talks has joined Firewire to launch and host from this year a new and amazing podcast called The Wire. 16 episodes so far, definitely worth a listen!

Ain’t That Swell

Not the first time we write here about this Australian Surf podcast with Jed Smith and Vaughan Blakey. So if you haven’t already check them it’s now time to do it!


Sist men inte minst!! Surfpodden är podcast som handlar om vågsurfing i Sverige och de surfare som format scenen till det den är idag. En underbar pod med Pierre Kellner och Carl Eriksson.

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Vi fortsätter att fylla på webbshopen...


Here are some highlights from the ISPO 2016 Cold Water Surfing and other stuff we liked around the booth.

NSM 24

Nordic Surfers Mag nr. 24 is here and were very glad to present it to you

The North American Paddle at ISPO Cold Water Surf

Casey and Ryan Higginbotham are twin brothers, California State Lifeguards, endurance athletes, and surfers. In a search to find true adventure, explore, and raise awareness to protect Americas Pacific coast they set out on a 2,200 mile prone paddle from southern Alaska to the US-Mexico Border...


The Baltic Issue

Our new issue is now available.

European Wooden Surfboard Meet

After 9 editions in Australia, the Wooden Surfboard Meet lands in Europe


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