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Kontrasti 2015 – SurfilmTour Helsinki Night presented by Surf Suomi & Surfilmfestibal. 22.05.2015

"We are pleased to announce our first collaboration with Kontrasti 2015 – SurfilmTour Helsinki Night to bring a cutting edge surf film selection to the big screen in their local spot on may 22nd. Scandinavia is home to a very passionate crew of surfers, who brave their frigid waters in search of sometimes perfect, always elusive waves. Their super original approach to the culture, seen in epic films such as Finnsurf, or North of the Sun, has set a benchmark for European surfers. Some have better waves, but few such a good story telling skill, wit  and humour.

It is a honor to collaborate with Surf Suomi, a passionate crew of surfers and snowboarders, preparing this selection for their second yearly event. And, as a proclaim for warm waters and passion, we´ve teamed up with the super interesting brasilian filmmaker Rafael Mellin, to bring in premiere his red hot 70´s e tal, a fast paced documentary about that golden era, but with a contemporary look. Can you imagine what can happen when in a tropical Beach you connect surfers with the a crop of luminaries such as Gilberto Gil, Gal Costa, the avant garde of the Brasil´s cultural movement of the era??

When Brasil is at the top of the surf world with Gabriel Medina being the champ and a whole country breathing surfing. That and much more in this jewel.

2 shorts complement the program:

Itsasoa eta Lehorra, by Patrick Trefz (Basque Country-California). An abstract and poetic work, the process of the creation and the destruction of Jim Denevan’s art work in Mundaka, September 3rd, 2.011. Through a full tide, the artist performs on the Mundaka sand bank, his only tools being a hazelnut tree branch from a farm in Urdaibai, and a rake. He draws a huge artwork, that instantly becomes an environmental manifesto, drawing all the attention towards the fragile ecosystem of the Urdaibai river-mouth. The amazing soundtrack is a song by Mikel Laboa, an iconic Basque singer who recently left us. We have named the film after the song, as it means “low tide” in Basque language. It is a raging celebration of this place, a perfect melt of tradition and modernity, a meeting point between the Basque Country and the World: a perfect piece by renown filmmaker Patrick Trefz.

And Los Buscagigantes, by Rodrigo Farias (Chile). Two important names of chilean surfing, Ramón Navarro and Cristian Merello, together with Uti, local of Isla de Pascua, on an epic session which is told to be the best wave of Rapa Nui."

Place: Cine Andorra & Durbrovnik (Eerikinkatu 11, Helsinki)
Tickets: 16€ for advance tickets / 18€ at the box office.
All the info on Facebook Surf Suomi Group or 
Kontrasti 2015

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