Japan might destroy three of its most iconic waves for the 2020 Olympics. True to its cause the San Sebastian Surffilmfestibal is back and will once again initiate debates and reflections.

”Osaki, Kabune and Inamua are three important waves in Japan, known to surfers from all around the world. The last of the three is a world-class wave, home of the big wave contest Inamura Classic, but the construction of the breakwater for the Olympic Games will mean the end of all three of these spots. We will always be against any intervention that has a negative effect on the coast (and the natural environment more generally), but even more so when it is conducted in the name of an Olympic Games at which, on the back of developments in artificial wave technology, surfing has been touted as an Olympic sport.

This seems to us a perfect example of the neurosis that governs our society: we destroy the natural world in order to emulate it with new technology. This is one of the contradictions with which the surfing world will have to live if surfing is one day to become an Olympic sport, although it now seems unlikely that this will happen in 2020. What is certain is that in four years’ time we will lose three more waves".

San Sebastian Surfilmfestibal

Artist Miguel Brieva's series of satirical images, inspired by an ongoing, real-life scenario, depicts the destruction of three perfect waves, sacrificed to make way for the Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games.

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