Svalbard Expedition

Antti Autti again but this time on the west coast of Svalbard!

"Together with fellow pro rider Roope Tonteri, they set the course to travel far up north while making brief stops to ride perfect spring snow in terrain where no one has left tracks before.
For Antti, the trip is not only about snowboarding. He has heard from locals about the constant change of nature in the Arctic and now he wants to go and see it with his own eyes. These stories force Antti to think about his actions as a professional snowboarder. Can a trip like this give a man new perspectives on a lifestyle which he has done for over half of his life?"

Snowboarders: Antti Autti, Roope Tonteri
Sponsored by: Neste
Filmed by: Kota Collective
Expedition leader: Arctic Guides


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