Svenska Mästerskap 2017 - Photo - Part one

The 2017 champions are now crowned and what went down at the Surfers Lodge Open yesterday at Torö will stay in our minds for years.

For as long i can remember, it is the first time in history we have a SM on a warm and sunny day! Thanks to very strongs winds in the south Baltic we got blessed the all day by a very nice small groundswell.

I think everyone had a blast yesterday and we all want to say a massive thank you to Jesper De Ruvo and Peter Klang from the SSA for making this happen. 

Also huge to thank to everyone there and to Surfers Lodge , Nord Surf  and Surfers Varberg

All Photos by Mathieu Turries


1 Erik Jönhagen
2 Albin Nilsson
3 Viktor Maiorana

1 Loan Martin
2 Hugo Cooper-Williams
3 Douglas Hammarling

1 Christer Myhran
2 Trevor Cooper-Williams
3 Armando Cordova

1 Amanda Djerf
2 Sandra Johansson
3 Lara Reeves

1 Derek Steve Gutierrez
2 Nick Holmgren
3 Johan Sellberg


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