Svenska Mästerskap 2017 - Photo - Part Two

More photos! This time, from the water.

All photos by Adam Klingeteg. 
Give him a follow here:

Once again thanks to Jesper De Ruvo & Peter Klang from the SSA and to Surfers Lodge for making this happen. 

and if you have missed the part one, watch it here >>>

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Green mind

Photo by Mattias Karlen

Torö levererar, Emanuel Haglund testar nya brädor, en ung okänd kille rippar och det är så klart fotografen Mattias Karlen som skickar oss dessa fina bilder!

Log sesh på Torö med Blueberry crew

Photo by Blueberry Visuals

med Emanuel Haglund, Jonathan Glad & Kristoffer Persson

Roaring whitewalls at Reggie Would Go

Text by Erik Lundberg
Photo by Håkan Nyberg

One of those little days in between the big days.

Text by Håkan Nyberg
Photo by Håkan Nyberg

with Manne, Erik, Joel, Jonte, Sandra, Arvid & KP

Svenska Mästerskap 2017 - Photo - Part one

Photo by Mathieu Turries

The 2017 champions are now crowned and what went down at the Surfers Lodge Open yesterday at Torö will stay in our minds for years.

Stockholm did it again

Photo by Linus Nylund & Malin Nordlund

Torö on fire!!! Photos from Linus Nylund & Malin Nordlund


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