Swedish brand Tretorn launch RAIN JACKET FROM THE SEA

Rainwear made from discarded fishing nets. A new kind of resource to make high quality rainwear and a great exempel about how to look upon waste as an opportunity and create sustainable innovation.

"Today, all of us need to change how we interact with nature and find a more innovative approach of using resources. At Tretorn, we don’t look at innovation only as what we make, but also how we make it and why we use our resources in the way we do. Our mission is to be an inspiration and a role model for how businesses can interact with nature and create a more circular process. We are inspired by nature’s own ecosystem and we strongly believe in a process where nothing should go to waste. Products should last long, be reused and eventually repaired and recycled. We have also found new ways to look upon high quality waste as an opportunity, a resource to be harvested and developed into a circular process, while slowly eliminating the very concept of waste. Our first goal was to label 50 % of our outerwear with the Eco Essentials initiative before the year of 2020. However this is an ongoing process and already for FW-18 we have managed to exceed the goals and transformed 85 % of our outerwear into Eco Essentials initiative"

Swedish brand Tretorn, founded in 1891, is launching today the Rain Jacket From The Sea. The jackets are woven in regenerated nylon from discarded fishing nets. 650 000 tones of fishing nets are supposed to be adrift in our oceans. The nets finally wrap themselves on reefs, shipwrecks or rocks and destroy entire eco systems. Collecting and recycling them will help to reduce this problem. 

Read more about the jacket at Tretorn.com

and also head on to our Instagram Giveaway contest to win 2 Tretorn Rain Jacket From The Sea! 


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