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Tune in to hear how he turned post-consumer plastic bottles, recycled urethane and Yulex into our favorite leash ever.

"It was simple. No frills. No attempts to technically innovate something that didn’t need a performance innovation (because leashes have performed fine for years). He did not add to the common leash. He instead took away from it.

He lowered the carbon footprint of the cuff by 80% by using Yulex, a plant-based rubber.

He crafted ankle and board attachments using recycled plastic bottles.

He ensured that the chord would consist of at least 30% recycled urethane content.

We shared this with Kelly Slater. We sent him Jan’s leashes. Kelly used them. He traveled and surfed them for months. They never broke. Kelly wanted in.

And the Slater Designs Leash was born, now at surf shops everywhere.

In this episode, we enjoy a conversation with Jan about the process that led him here."

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