Test of the new Patagonia in Iceland

NSM went to Iceland last week to test the new Patagonia Yulex coming this fall. A new plant-based material, FSC certified. Bad habits change aint easy but let’s face it, we need to adapt our behaviour. In 1972, when clean climbing became an issue in the US, Yvon Chouinard began manufacturing removable chocks… 2016 might be the beginning of the end of neopren.

Watch all the photos from the trip to Iceland here and we tell you more about the Yulex in the next issue of Nordic Surfers Mag.

Photo 1 & 2 - "Windy Beach" by Al Mackinnon
Photo 3 - Kohl Christensen by Al Mackinnon
Photo 4 - Otto Flores by Al Mackinnon
Photo 5 - Mat, Andi & JB by Al Mackinnon
Photo 6,7,8 - by Mat. Turries
Photo 9 - Otto & Gabe by Mat.Turries
Photo 10 & 11 - Otto Flores by Mat.Turries
Photo 12,13,14 & 15 - Gabe Davies - "Patagonia goes full on ECO surfing tree trunk" by Mat.Turries
Photo 16 - Otto Flores by Mat.Turries
Photo 17 & 18 - Otto Flores by Al Mackinnon
Photo 19 - Skógafoss by Mat.Turries
Photo 20 - Patagonia's factory by Al Mackinnon
Photo 21 - Best guides ever! Arctic Surfers by Mat.Turries
Photo 22 - Otto Flores "After a 7 hour drive, this is what happens when the guy behind the counter does not get you a room quick enough" by Mat. Turries


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