The Cruel Summer of 2015

Phone beeped. Manne was texting me at 15:11: ”Hey Hawkers! Potential sesh at Torö this evening. Expect light drizzle, Pågens Gifflar and possibly Arvid! Care to join?”
From Manne at 17:17 ”Make it 18:10. My guess is that it's going to be relatively flat. Do not picture anything even remotely great.”

”Pancake-ish”, was the verdict when crossing the bridge at Tottnäs. Attempts were made to keep spirits up. Mandatory through-the-trees observations at the 90° curve were not promising. ”Is it even moving at all?”
Parking lot was full. Pitiful suckers, all of them. Had they really expected to get anything else than the wake from those Södertälje-bound ro-ro ships?
We were even greeted a slightly pessimistic Arvid. We headed to the beach. ”Definitely surfable”, Manne said. ”Better than expected”, said Towa. Maybe there was hope after all? They took off to suit up in rubber.

I remained skeptic. When the skies decided to deliver a not-so-light July rain, I thought ”Well, at least the shots will have that October-ish vibe to them.”
Water was filled with familiar faces. Dana, Arvid, Joel, Manne, Towa and Björn among others. A whole lot of new folks were paddling out. As did the father of an Aussie carpenter.

Yes, Rolf Den-Besten, at home with conditions at Macmasters and outside Tasmania, stole the show this evening.

It has often been said that Torö has no place for laziness. It's hard to read Torö. With that in mind it's even more impressive that Rolf just went out and, well... ripped. On a borrowed board, in the severely crowded line-up, the man was a joy to watch.
And it got cleaner. Guys-I-don't-really-know-about-this expressions were traded for big smiles. Light changed numerous times. And with every hour the swell got bigger. All in all, it was a great summer day.
At the moment, it seems like Sweden's national sport is complaining about the summer of 2015. Oh, those whining folks... they simply have no idea.

This is written in English for the benefit of our Aussie visitors.
You may again note that the word 'stoke' wasn't used a single time in the text above.


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