A short film by Hampus Torbjörnsson with Battit Lizaso and Lucas Carrera through Ireland

I had heard the fairytale, stories of a place not too far away from home. A place with uncrowded waves of an "Indonesia-like perfection". Sounded too good to be true if you asked me... However, we decided to go see for ourselves. 

Together with my childhood friend Battit Lizaso, we packed his home-camperized and not very trustful 1998 Citroen Berlingo with as many boards we could fit on the roof, warm clothes and wetsuits, couple of sleeping bags and as much canned food as we could carry, and set off on the ferry from Santander to Kerry.
A couple of days later in Dublin, we met up with my good friend and filmer-photographer Hampus Torbjörnsson. After having such a fun time making our first movie "Mango Express" that previous summer, he quicklly said yes when I suggested him to join the new adventure.

In the time of 3 weeks we drove around the west coast of Ireland. We met wonderful people, ate delicious food, almost froze our toes off, saw the crazyest landscapes ever, shared a living space the size of a tuna can and caught the waves of our lives.

This is the story in motion of our great adventure."

Lucas Carrera

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